I Am Now a True Believer in Hookup Sites


I couldn’t believe it could happen to me, but it did.

After reluctantly joining an adult dating site, I came across literally dozens of these hookup sites that join consenting adults together, either for a quick “date” or several quick dates. I took out a few trial memberships on several hookup sites, and slowly removed myself from sites like Tinder and other more well known, conventional dating sites.

I really was in shock as to how quickly I got responses, and from real people no less. There were some who genuinely wanted to just talk, and others who wanted share some pretty sexy photos for my viewing pleasure. At the same time I began getting daily messages from girls who wanted to see where I lived, when I was free, and if I was interested in meeting.

Obviously I took one of the girls out for a date, which turned less into a date and more into a steamy soap opera. Yes, things escalated quickly. It could be that because I am in the middle of my 30s, and most of the girls on these hookup sites are in their 20s but, wow did she move fast.

The new generation certainly knows what they want, and they know just how to get it. So after spending time on Fling.com, I decided to check out a new site that could also bring some new action in my life. I began looking around and eventually came across a few review sites. I found a few to be quite helpful, not only were most of the hookup sites concentrated on one website, but they had all of the prices and some pretty good insights as well.

Here’s the thing, and I am going to be fully honest here, I should not be able to hookup with girls of this caliber. I am a decent looking chap but I’m a bit out of touch with pop culture and trends, and being that today is so trend oriented I feel out of place when I talk to younger woman. What I find so appealing about hookup apps and sites is that the people on the other side of the conversation are also interested, primarily in hooking up.

The hookup world is very good for my ego, I’ll just say it outright. I never really had many girlfriends in high school, even less in college. Once I began my career I had little time to develop a relationship with someone, which is why I began looking at dating sites. I was disappointed and my ego was shot, not to mention my wallet as well. I was fed up with dating all together, let alone dating online. I grew frustrated with typing, and staring at my computer for responses from someone I spent time trying to develop a bond with. I really put myself out there.

When I came across my first hookup site, I was really dubious of the content and the users as well. I remember saying to myself, this can’t be real, what’s the catch. The thing is this, there is no catch, the reality is that young people only date online and have found that being upfront with their wants and needs will bear fruit. People want to hook up, so why negate the obvious. Why spend days, and buckets of money playing nice, and courting someone, if that’s not what she is really interested in. I mean, I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s best to get sex out of the way first, and begin nurturing the relationship.

I had been a member of Tinder for three months, I have hooked up more than four times, and could have hooked up many more times if I chose. It brings a new element to my life, it gives me excitement and something to come home to. I cozy up to my phone knowing that someone out there wants me. I have found companions as well as a few friends from the hookup sites I’ve joined. I think it’s a good piece of advice to join more than one site, but be sure to sync your email and all updates into one folder otherwise your inbox will be full of sexy photos and non-discrete messages, which may cause embarrassment if you are scrolling through your mails at work, or in public.

I don’t respond to every message I receive, some I just don’t have time for, while others may seem a bit too direct and upfront. I think its a real turn off and quite odd when a woman says she needs to have sex, tonight. I find it to be almost like a solicitation and that is what I will quickly conclude with.

You have to be prepared to fight off commercial ads and other solicitations, trust me, they will appear in your news feed, your messages and in your inbox. Just know that this comes with any online territory.

If I had joined a gardening club site I would be receiving  emails to join other groups, or would get messaged for chemical supplement for the gardner, I am sure of it, so knowing this I don’t get panicked when I am hounded by companies wanting me to order their products, or join their chat rooms or risque sites. Know how to filter through the nonsense and you will be fine. Learn how to enjoy life online and pick the right hookup site.

Scroll through dozens of hookup sites offering a range of services and various types of users. Get your preferences in order, know what you want, and know who you want. Sure, you can start off with a clear mind but get ready to be overwhelmed with interest. I was lucky and hooked up after my first week.

I was able to strike luck by knowing who I wanted. I had an age range and I wanted someone who was college educated and enjoyed cinema. It’s not only about looks, in fact some of the photos are taken through filters and extremely touched up. Find someone that looks cute but also has some interests that you admire. By finding sex appeal outside of the aesthetics, you can continue to hook up after the first time and the attraction will not tarnish, but will only grow.

Good luck out there and remember, get your preferences in order and have fun!