Women, They Beautiful, Dating Them Joy

Women, they beautiful. Dating them, joy. When man date woman, he feel happy. Woman, she make man heart beat fast. Beat fast like drum. Dating women, not easy, but worth it.

First, you need courage. Courage to ask woman out. Scary? Yes, but brave man do. Brave man ask woman out. And woman, she respect brave man. That first step in dating women.

Second, respect woman. Woman, she not object. She person. Respect her, she respect you back. Important rule in dating women.

Third, make her laugh. Woman, she like man who make her laugh. Man, who make her forget worry. Dating women, it about make them happy.

Lastly, be yourself. Don’t pretend. Woman, she like man who honest. Who real. Who not pretend. Dating women, it about being real.

So, you want date women? Follow these rules. Dating women, not easy, but not impossible. With courage, respect, laughter, honesty, you can date women. And you, you can find love. In dating women, find love. Find happiness.

Make her feel special. Woman, she like to feel special. Show her she mean lot to you. Buy her flowers. Write her poems. Sing her songs. Make her feel like she only one in world. In dating women, make woman feel special, important.

Talk, listen to her. Woman, she like man who listen. Man who understand her. Not just talk, but listen too. Show interest in her life. Her dreams, her fears, her joys, her sorrows. In dating women, communication important.

Be patient. Woman, she not rush. She take time. Understand her, give her time. In dating women, patience is key. She not open up right away. But with time, with patience, she will.