Where to party in Paris?

The city of Paris is known for being large and free, so nightlife is one of its strengths: with varied landscapes, for all tastes and ages, partying in Paris includes nightclubs and cafes to watch shows in mythical cabarets.

During the last years the possibility of night out in Paris has been very diverse, parties no longer only take place in bars and discos, but also, in summer, parks and city gardens are filled with young people. have an outdoor picnic.

A place to party in Paris

The party in the city has also been diversified by the environment, which means there are more choices for partying in Paris. In recent years, the area of ​​Le Marais has become fashionable, especially between rue de Bastille, République, and Oberkampf. The Bastille area, next to the Latin Quarter, concentrates young people, generally students and Erasmus people. Montmatre District is known to have various bars, cafes and entertainment venues such as the famous Moulin Rouge. The Champs Elysees area presents a more VIP environment and access may be more limited.

In this section we will give you several options for going partying in Paris, in this way, you can have an idea of ​​where to party in Paris.

Where to party in Paris?

La Féline

This music bar is located on Rue Victor Letalle 6. Each week the bar offers concerts, DJs and exhibitions. This small bar with rocky atmosphere is a good choice if you like the alternative atmosphere. It is recommended to leave early in the concert days to find a seat. If you are lucky enough you will get a beautiful date friend there. But if you don’t have enough time to approach, accessing Lovesita can be very helpful.

Le Balajo

Le Balajo is located on Rue de Lappe 9. Places every day of the week offer different music sessions and you can even find Bachata and Salsa dance classes. If you are among those who like to move the skeleton, this can be a good place to learn to dance and spend a different night.


This night club, located on Avenue Foch 2bis, is known for its university atmosphere and being the center of Erasmus students. Inside the cage you can find, besides the dance area, restaurants and bowling alley. If you want to enjoy a young night, until late at night, Le Duplex can be a good choice for partying in Paris.

Go out at night in Paris
Lou Pascalou

At this small bar, located on Rue des Panoyaux 14, almost every night you can enjoy live music. This place offers good drinks and small plates for snacks while enjoying a good night. During the summer, you can drink on the terrace, which is located on a small square.

Le Nouveau Casino

The Nouveau Casino concert hall is located on Rue Oberkampf 109. Apart from being an alternative concert hall, this room is also a disco that focuses on underground music. At the venue they have played famous artists such as Diplo and Lana Del Rey.

Le Carmen

What’s interesting about this place is the atmosphere and decoration; from red velvet to large crystal chandeliers that remind the era of Paris that is excessive and sensuality. Le Carmen is known for acoustic concerts, small shows and several DJ sessions. Even though access seems quite tight, getting in to see decorations and drinking can be a good choice.

There are many interesting things in Paris nightlife. Ancient European heritage is not the only one offered.