Wedding festivities: 5 awesome prenuptial parties

Homer was right: weddings are nice. A fun and vibrant wedding is always one of the year’s ultimate occasions, and not just for the big day itself. There is something about the buzz and excitement of an upcoming wedding that transcends daily life’s occasional monotony and just puts us in a pretty good mood.

What’s more, there are heaps of parties that can be enjoyed before the big day itself, with everything from engagement parties to taking the bride or groom to the best strippers Sydney has available!

With this in mind, here are five must-do prenuptial parties:

  1. Engagement party 

The engagement party works as a celebration to announce the recent engagement – it’s always a good time. Why? Because this is when the initial elation of a friend or family member getting engaged is enjoyed in all its frivolity, before the stress of planning, the meltdowns, and of course, the comedown of all that excitement ending in the post-wedding period!

So, you can be sure that an engagement party is generally a pretty loving, merry occasion, regardless of whether it’s at home, a club, function centre – wherever…

  1. Bridesmaids luncheon 

The bridesmaid luncheon is probably the most civil prenuptial affair, and it is when the bride hosts her bridesmaid for lunch or dinner as a thank you for their love and support during the wedding planning period.

This can be done in many ways: at a cafe, restaurant, at home or even as a sunny day picnic, and it is always a good moment for the girls in the leadup to what is sure to be one of the most exciting days in their loved one’s life!

It is also the occasion where the bride gives a cheeky thank you present to their bridesmaids (hint hint).

  1. Hen’s night

This can be hosted on the same day as the bridesmaids luncheon as something a bit more rowdy to go onto, and is the women’s equivalent of the male buck’s party.

There are simply so many ways a woman can celebrate her hen’s party, from a big night out to a boozy high tea, getting out on a party yacht or going winery hopping in the Hunter Valley.

Hen’s nights often end up with a stripper as a cheeky little send off before the bride ties the knot and settles down.

  1. Buck’s party 

Now for the boys, and the buck’s party is pretty much the male version of a hen’s night, with the groom and his closest friends/family enjoying some super fun activities before likely heading out for a night on the town.

Whether it’s whisky tasting, axe throwing, go-karting or something completely different, buck’s parties often end up at the best strippers Sydney have available as a cheeky prenuptial sendoff in the same way that would happen at a hen’s night.

  1. Rehearsal dinner 

This is a more formal pre-wedding celebration, but it is also an important one, as it gives everyone a solid idea of what they need to do and where, exactly, they need to be come the next day’s reception.

Weddings have to be a coordinated affair, with proper planning and logistics undertaken to ensure everything goes smoothly on the big day, so a rehearsal dinner is often held to ensure that everything is mise en place and ready to go come the big day.

It is also a chance for guests to get to know one another a bit more so that there isn’t the awkwardness of doing so when the revelry has already begun.

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