Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness 2 and 8″ Realistic Dong with Balls

If your man leaves you catching a cold, do not whine over him anymore; just grab vac-u-lock ultra harness 2 and 8”realistic dong with balls to rescue yourself from the situation. What a great thank to the women having come a long way to finally get a rocking Doc Johnson unfailing friend.

You just hang with a mate and she puts on the Vac-U-Lock and gives you a sex of a lifetime. It is a life-saver to all those suffering in silent and tired of using fingers as plan B.

When you let your partner insert the Vac-U-Lock inside you, by the time you are finalizing the last round is when you realize it was your lady partner actually on top. You barely differentiate it with a real penis slithering in your vagina unbelievably.

Why It is Best For You

It gives you comfort, and due to how it is uniquely designed, the experience is very smooth increasingly adding pleasure on top of the other. The Vac-U-Lock Ultra Harness 2 and 8″ Realistic Dong with Balls guarantees to take care of your g-spot when you least expect it. It never fails to satisfy when men flop to keep their word.

Product Description

  • For maximum comfort, you can have your waist adjusted up to around 53 inches
  • The material used to make Vac-U-Lock is never toxic neither harmful to your body
  • The set used is well-matched to link perfectly with other Vac-U-Lock
  • It comes with ultra-harness 2 and plug with 8 cock set
  • It has an open crotch which creates comfort and easy entrance
  • It perfectly fits in any couples lifestyle without any problem
  • The Vac-U-Lock is designed in a way that it cannot slip when fitted and therefore provides both you with a great moment enjoying the pleasure consistently
  • It is designed and created in the USA


  • Its size measures from 8 to 10 inches while the width is approximately 1.75 inches
  • Vac-U-Lock is designed to be used by women only
  • It is a brand of Doc Johnson
  • On the outside, the texture displays smooth and muscular veins
  • It belongs to the class of set toys for adults
  • It has a realistic and ballsy shape


  • Patented Vac-U-Lock is firmly attached to harness such that even during that exciting moment of inserting in the vagina followed by up and down movement; both stay firmly fitted helping maintain the pleasure.
  • During the make-up, you can decide to take positions and still enjoy without Vac-U-Lock misbehaving
  • It is designed to simply wear and have it fit which is a great choice if you are burning with desire to get laid immediately with no time to fix things around.
  • The harness is creatively designed to adjust on both sides until you are convinced it holds firm enough to enjoy with your partner to avoid it killing the fun.


In the 21st century, this vac-u-lock ultra harness 2 and 8”realistic dong with balls is one great design that was created with women in mind. It completes their desire to feel the pleasure of a penis in absence of man.Vac-U-Lock is a great recommendation to every woman out there.