Tips To Take Care Of A Sex Doll

If you fancy a sex doll and going to buy one, then you should know a few things on how to take care of it. The dolls tend to be a great companion to both men and women in their pursuit of complete sexual satisfaction, but it can’t be ensured if the maintenance is not done well.

Best tips for care

  1. No Lending Rule: First things first, never lend your sex dolls to your friends or anyone else for testing it. Post usage cleaning is a must for all dolls but not everyone is hygienic with themselves or the dolls of others. This can create an extremely dangerous situation and may cause UTI or STDs. It does sound stupid, but there is a high probability of health hazards happening due to non-hygienic sexual practices done by others, with a borrowed doll.
  2. Lubricants Always: The dolls may be designed for complete penetrative exploration, but there will always be slight or significant friction when penetration happens. The use of the right lubrication will protect the penis or vagina or anus of the user. Extreme sexual action without lubrication will certainly cause discomfort and may cause injury to the user.
  3. Cleaning: Cleaning the 140cm sex dolls or any size of dolls is a part of their maintenance. The cleaning always has to be done thoroughly, after each use and before as well as after storage for a long duration. The penetration areas require special attention while cleaning. Always use the right cleaning agents and right tools to clean.
  4. Storage: For dolls that are anywhere from 158cm sex dolls and above life-sized ones, the storage has to be arranged accordingly. Some dolls can be inflated and stored in small spaces, while the life-sized dolls have to be stored in specially made storage space where they can remain undisturbed until they are used again. Also, the safety of the dolls is paramount because no one else should use it, who is not supposed to.

Still, if for some reason a user gets injured while using the doll, he/she should consult a doctor and get medication or therapy for the injury. If the doll is damaged, the manufacturer is to be contacted immediately and the repair shall be arranged right away. Such measures will ensure a pleasing experience with the doll, every time and for a long time.