The ultimate party: 6 top notch Sydney bucks party ideas

So, it’s the last dance, the ultimate sendoff, the night where you and the fellas let loose with the knowledge that one of you will be settling down in T-minus one week or so…

Naturally, this means you should be in for a big night! And Sydney is a pretty awesome city for throwing a classic bucks party. Whether it’s paintballing or rolling around in the best bucks party bus hire Sydney has available, here are some classic ideas for a great sendoff:

  1. Paintballing 

Paintballing is a helluva lot of fun whichever way you look at it. You get split up into a couple of teams, divvied up with some fully-loaded paintball guns and told to go out onto the circuit and have it for a while.

It’s laser force for adults, and these paint pallets can pack a punch, making it a fun-fuelled, invigorating way to start this most auspicious of occasions!

  1. Party bus 

The old soiree bus is making a comeback in a super fun way. What used to be a great way for 18 year olds to get drunk and cause a ruckus is also a fantastic way for you and your mates to have a supreme last night sendoff for the groom-to-be, especially when you consider it as a stellar mode of transportation for getting from one part of the day to the next.

  1. Go-karting 

Boyish fun is the theme of the day here, and what more a jovial way to enjoy your mate’s last hoorah than by heading out for some adrenaline-fuelled fun on the go-kart track?

Go-karting is such a great activity, especially as you and your mates can take each other on to see who is king of the track. This is one of those earlier-in-the-day, pre-getting-on-the-booze activities, and is certainly one you and your mates will enjoy as a fun way to start the big occasion.

  1. Booze cruise 

Jump in your bucks party hire bus and allow it to take you to the booze cruise, one of Sydney’s most lavish ways to start this exciting occasion. Sydney, of course, is an absolutely beautiful city, and one that can truly be enjoyed by cruise sailing up and down the stunning harbour.

And, when you add a few frothies to the equation, you can easily see how this is one of those uber-fun exercises in bucks indulgence – what a way to send your mate off!

  1. Whisky tasting 

Sydney boasts plenty of locations where you can enjoy a spell of whisky tasting, with the Archie Rose Distilling Co. and World of Whisky being just two places where you can try a drop o’ the pure in a way that is wholesome and educational.

What’s more, it creates a joyous and sophisticated platform for a buckle to remember!

  1. Lawn bowls & a BBQ 

But hey, if your mate isn’t one for getting absolutely rambunctious and causing a ruckus, perhaps something more chilled, more toned-back and relaxed is perfect for them? This is where a chilled day, like one that involves lawn bowls and a BBQ, is simply ideal.

No pressure, no need to do anything outrageous, just getting the best fellas together for a day on the greens complete with quality food and a few quiet beers to celebrate the fun times had and the good times yet to come (in whatever capacity they may be!).

Either way, you’re always in for a great occasion, so long as you’ve got the fellas with you and a bit of fun to have in this most exciting stage of your mate’s life – bucks party!

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