Sex workers are not all created equal. In exactly the same way that not all people are created equal. I know that kind of sentiment might not be might not be a politically correct one to make. But hell, I am talking openly, approvingly and freely about sex work, so politically correct does not really come into it at the end of the day. So where was I? Oh yes. Sex workers and people are not created equal. Not all sex workers appeal to them same clientele, and nor do they have the same earning potential. Street walkers are obviously at the bottom end of the overall sex work market. But even within street walkers there are higher and lower ends to the market. That is generally geographical, to be honest. Streetwalkers on the Champs Elysee will tend to be better than those on the back streets of Bradford.

Escorts are at the high end of the total overall market when compared to street walkers. But within the escort market there are still a range of levels. Not all escorts are created equal and the playing field is not level either. There are many women who are either too good to be street walkers or who only work as escorts very occasionally. They would represent the bottom end of the market place when it comes to escorts. A very small number of high class escorts are at the very very very high end of the market. But geography is a factor at play as well. The very best escort Manchester has to offer might be very low rent compared to the finest escorts Malaga can provide. Everything is relative, really. In beauty, sex and economics.

Now that is not to say that people do not make the move from one market or level within the market to another. For example, a young lady who had been working as a part time escort during her time at university in Munich recently moved to work with escort agencies in Spain. When she appeared in even very high class and competitive markets she absolutely “blew the bloody doors off”. She had only been working at the middle of the market while as a part timer. But once she committed to the profession she moved to the very top of the market with astonishing speed.