The Best Dating Tips For Women-From A Man’s Perspective

When you’re looking for great dating advice for women, it’s a good idea to get suggestions from a trusted male. After all, wouldn’t a male know what is going on in most guys’ minds?

Instead of going to your girlfriends or mom for dating help, consider getting advice from other sources. Here are a few amazing dating tips from a man’s perspective.

Just Be Yourself

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about dating, consider taking the advice that is usually offered by a good friend or parent: Just be yourself. Most of us have heard this advice, and there is a lot of truth to it.

Although you probably will feel tempted to be someone you’re not, you may want to think about the benefits of letting a date see your true self. For starters, when you be yourself throughout the dating journey, you will have fewer problems over time.

Being yourself while dating can reduce feelings of anxiety down the road. Instead of always remembering that you need to act or be a certain way and like specific things, you can just relax and enjoy the experience of dating. More than likely, you will even be more attractive as a relaxed woman.

Be Open-Minded

When you have a closed mind when dating, you could miss out on meeting some really great people or connecting with the people that you do meet. The key to being open-minded is to really listen to your date without judgment or preconceived notions.

During conversations with your date, be willing to accept different ideas and opinions. Show that you are interested in the conversation by asking thoughtful questions.

If you are open-minded, there is a good chance that your date is willing to do the same.

Expect Awkward Moments

Let’s face it: Dating can be awkward sometimes. Even if both of you guys strive to come off as confident people, your first date nerves may cause one of you to behave awkwardly at some point.

Just remember that awkwardness is a part of dating, and it should be expected. With this important insight in mind, you may want to have some ice breaker questions on hand.

Consider these great first date questions: What is your favorite childhood TV show? What ice cream best describes your personality? Where is the best place you have traveled to? Who do you admire most?

Not only will these questions help you get to know someone better, they will also make the dating experience much more interesting and less awkward.

Avoid Playing Games

Playing games while dating should be avoided at all costs. If you are trying to find your true love, don’t pretend to not be into your dates so that they like you more. Playing hard to get rarely works in the long run.

One of the best ways to build real intimacy with someone is to always be honest, communicative, and open. If you try to play hard to get, it’s going to be difficult for your date to know the real you.

Instead of playing games, decide to be sincere and open about your feelings and intentions. There’s a good chance that your date may even thank you for being truthful.

Have Fun

While you shouldn’t play games when dating, you should absolutely have fun. Just relax and enjoy the dating experience.

Try not to put so much pressure on yourself to find the perfect person. When you are really nervous and tense, you take the joy out of meeting new people. Always remember that dating should be a pleasurable experience.

While you are dating, make the decision to order whatever you would like, talk about things that excite you, laugh at your jokes, and listen intently to your date. Don’t forget to throw in a little flirtatious banter to keep your dates on their toes.
You may discover that dating is not so hard after all.