Perfect Sexual Experience with Telephone

It’s hard to keep sex “alive”, especially if you have a long relationship or are married. It has happened to all of us at one point, sex becomes routine, there is no passion. There is no better way to find out how to please a man than to ask him.

Buy sexy socks and garters

Maintain your squirrel. If you are horrified by a car mask in this delicate place, trim it. Dance to his lap or strip him. This does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money on lingerie just slowly and sexy take off your clothes.

You can really excite him by sending him a naughty message. Write something like, “I can’t wait to go home, I have a surprise for you.” And when he gets home, give him a surprise. With the telefonsex girls  you can have the best time now.

If you are separated by a long distance, try telephone sex. It may seem strange at first, but it can be a great way to keep the fire going. Try something new. If your husband is not very good in bed, try new poses.

No reservations

Your husband will really feel pleased if he knows that what he is doing is driving you crazy. Just relax and indulge in each other without drowsiness and restraint. No one is looking at you in the bedroom (of course, you have to drop the curtains).

Take him

Take his hand and put it where you want it. Just as women love mixed orgasm (more than one part of the vagina is stimulated at the same time), so do men. Try giving him a cheeky or oral love while playing with his testicles.

Talk to him dirty

If you are not used to it, you may feel a little uneasy, but the more you do it, the easier it will be for you. This can excite you too.

Use sex toys

Remember that they can be used for many things. Stimulate the penis barrel with them as you draw his or her forehead to reach new heights of orgasm.

Sex Surprise

Wear his favorite underwear and meet him at the door when he gets home from work. No matter how tired he is, he will not be able to resist you.

Join him in the shower or bath

Just be careful with wet surfaces with more violent sex to prevent accidents. Bring a bunch of pillows to the bedroom. They will help you try and enjoy new positions.