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Along with artificial vaginas, men of many countries of the world prefer to use the masturbator for comfortable masturbation in the absence of regular sexual life. Vagina and masturbation are similar in many respects to their purpose, but still have a number of differences. Their main difference is that the vagina completely copies the structure and size of the female genital organs. Masturbators are often presented in the form of a tube with a hole, but can simulate not only the vagina, but also the anus, mouth, or combine two or three holes at once. Masturbators, combining the vagina and phallus, are also produced.

Using the Masturbator

Using a masturbator is quite simple and comfortable. Modern manufacturers of sex toys have taken care of that each buyer could pick up to itself the product corresponding to individual inquiries. Masturbators, although not comparable in realism with artificial vaginas, but have a much greater set of additional functions. These sex toys or the couple cock ring can be equipped with vibrators with several modes of vibration and ripple, can have an internal relief of silicone spikes, ribs, knobs for more intense and sensual masturbation.

Different Model Variations

There are models of masturbators equipped with a pear to stimulate the member with air. A separate, gaining popularity of these products are masturbatory-mouths, having the appearance of lips and tongue between them. Fans of mouth masturbation are preferred by lovers of oral sex, these models, equipped with a vibrating mechanism, can simulate sucking actions and rotational movements with the tongue.

The Materials Used

The main materials from which masturbators are made are silicone, latex, cyber-skin, which make it possible to make the product as close as possible to a realistic sensation. It is recommended to use masturbators for men who do not have regular sex life, not only for pleasure, but also for preventing stagnant phenomena in the blood and maintaining their reproductive organs in combat order. For young people not experienced in sexual intercourse, the masturbator can act as a kind of simulator, will help gain experience before the first sexual intercourse. Online store intimate goods offers a huge selection of masturbators from soft and realistic materials, with a wide variety of functions that meet any needs.

Instruction for the masturbator

The first step in using a masturbator is to choose a product. Here everything depends on the expected regularity of use and income level. The most common and cheap materials are silicone and PVC, but their duration is rather short-lived. To achieve the most realistic sensations, it is best to use a masturbator made with premium quality, but the price for such a sex toy will be higher. Also, when choosing a suitable masturbator it is necessary to take into account the availability of additional functions: the shape of the product and the number of holes, vibrations, internal irregularities, etc.

Proper Guidance

Read with care on the product guidelines, learn all its functions and operations of control panel and also check with the instructions about the masturbator. Addition to that, a couples vibrating ring it should be rinsed with warm water and soap. It is unacceptable to influence the product with boiling water and alcohol-containing solutions. If there is a container for the batteries, avoid getting liquid there.

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