Learning from the older generations

Most people will try dating people closer to their own age, it is an instinct we have due to many years of societal conditioning. Some people are just too judgemental, and they will look at you strangely if your partner is older than you; but maybe they just don’t understand the benefits that older people can bring to the table. Experience, wisdom, patience… there are indeed a lot of things we can learn if we open ourselves to newer possibilities; the question is: would you benefit from dating someone from the older generation?

Older means experienced

People who have lived longer know more things, and not just in an educational kind of way. Life experience brings things to the table that you can’t acquire unless you have gone through all the processes; and we can all really learn from this. This can be especially true when it comes to the bedroom department. Yes this sounds incredibly naughty, but you have to understand that older women will be better at sex because they have experienced it more. They know how do please you, and they know how to read into your mind if you’re not enjoying yourself. You should try Granny Hookups and see for yourself, there is always knowledge to be learned.

Older means wiser

Wisdom is something that we can all learn from, and this is probably why people enjoy spending time talking to their elders. There are a lot of things we can learn from a life’s worth of achievements: how to understand people, how to treat them well, what works and what doesn’t… Life is about being a better person, and we have to learn from the people who came before us. New generations are always self-centred, thinking their lifestyle is the best; but just because the world is evolving doesn’t mean we know it all. The best we can do is to spend some time with older generations and listen to their wise advice. Wisdom brings benefits to our lives; the better we understand things the better people we become.

Older means more patience

Age isn’t just about technique, but also about patience. A lot of people in their 20’s and 30’s can be very demanding, and if they don’t get what they want then they just dump you and move on to the next person that can provide them with what they want. People from the older generation aren’t so selfish and impatient; they understand that you have your needs too; it’s not just about them. This ‘me, me, me’ attitude from recent generations is actually a great turn-off, and it poses a lot of problems to those of us who can’t keep up to those standards. So if you want to be with someone who cares as much about you as they do themselves, then dating older people will bring more fairness to the table.