I saw an interview recently from back when the press and PR campaign for The Avengers: Age Of Ultron was going on and the interviewees were Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson. The journalist just had the very simple idea of asking Mr Ruffalo the type of questions female stars normally get asked, and Ms Johansson the questions that her male co-stars are normally presented with. It was funny and eye opening and they handled it like real professionals, with grace and charm. It did make me think, though, about how journalists treat and describe woman in other parts of the entertainment industry.

Ms Johansson is paid (apparently) 15 million dollars a movie and I am sure that she is worth every penny. But in large part, her career is based on being sexy and attractive. Especially on her being able to be attractive to men without alienating women in the audience. But professional Las Palmas escort women, whose career is equally based on using their physical attributes (and maybe acting talents!) are portrayed in the media in at least as clichéd and stereotypical fashion as actresses.

In the media, all prostitutes have been trafficked. Or have been and lie about it. They are all drug users, and to a woman they are abused by the men who exploit them. In reality, none of that is true. Well over 95% of escorts made a conscious, rational business decision to enter the profession. They are no more likely to be drug users than the rest of the population. And the majority of escort agencies are owned and run by women. Men in the industry have a dreadful reputation, and it is understandable. It is all too easy for them to get lured into “”auditioning” potential escorts, bringing the casting couch back into sleazy action. Women prefer to have women represent them, for the good reason that they know women will understand their wants and needs more easily than a man will.

So maybe it would be fun to see a female journalist interviewed by an escort in the same way as Mark Ruffalo was – she could be asked how badly she was abused as a child, how awful it is that her editor exploits her by making her work such long hours, and how sick she must be that she isn’t good enough to actually get a book published like a real writer would. Now that I would pay to watch and read.