I only work for six months of the year, but I do enough work hours in for the average persons three years of work! I am an escort in Ibiza from May to October and I love it. I know lots of other escorts work all year round, travelling from, say, Ibiza to London, Paris or Rome and then to Dubai for some some and then do it all over again. But they tend to party hard a lot of the time, take evenings, days or even weeks off while they are in Ibiza rather than working the way I do. That means that they are always either working or planning to work and spend a lot of time bitching to each other and me about how they never have time to have a personal life or meet a boyfriend for some romance. I really do not have that problem. When I work, I work.

So between February and April each year, my fitness regimen goes up, I am watching my food even more carefully than normal and I hit the shops for some clothes and shoes for my time partying and being an Ibiza escort. That means lots if casual gear, because my clients like to take me out clubbing and onto yachts. But a lot of more dressy gear too. And it has to change each year because a lot of my clients repeat their bookings with me year on year and they would not expect me to be wearing last years dress and shoes with the money that they pay me! I find a good place to stay, where I can also have my clients visit me, and pay six months up front, which is the only way to get a good place in In Ibiza. I normally book in March and pay everything then. I know the real estate people so I can be fairly sure I will not get ripped off.

Most importantly, I organise my bookings with my direct clients and get back in touch with the escort agency that represents me in Ibiza. They do a great job, and between them and my own marketing I have hardly an hour to spare, which is just the way I like it.