How can pornography help you improve your marriage life?

Humans are relational beings. People need other people. We are hardwired to connect and we best flourish in enduring and nurturing relationships. And along with our social needs for connection and belonging, there is also a desire for romantic intimacy, too. In fact, most human beings love romance. So, it is quite natural that we get stoked about anything that can help to improve our romantic relationships.

So, what about porn? Can Porn help improve romantic relationships? Or that porn can help in increasing the bond between partners?

Pornography makes your experience with real sex better- and that is good for a romantic relationship.

Is that true?

When it comes to porn, the world is enormously divided on whether it’s good for you, or if it’s bad and ruining your life, as well as your relationships.

But even though we don’t know the full truth about the health benefits or woes of porn consumption, one thing is certain: everyone loves porn, and will never stop jacking (or jerking) off to it.

Why do we need porn in our married life?

Some studies say that watching porn with your wife in moderation is fantastic for your relationship, and helps keep your sex life steamy and exciting.

Sexual satisfaction increases during the first year of marriage, but then we start to get bored, so satisfaction and the frequency of sex dips, which is why people seek novelty to relieve that boredom.

And there’s a reason for that. After we get bored of sex and lose interest, it comes right back if we add some novelty to our sex life, be it by introducing sex toys, trying new positions, hooking up with other people, or watching porn together.

Porn is beneficial for relationships:

When you get bored of the monotony of following the same sex routine for too long, it’s a lot healthier to just open up  and watch porn together instead of cheating on your wife. As per a current study, 58 percent of women who said they watch porn with their significant other said it positively affected their sex life and created a safe space to ask for what they want.

When you are sexually confident with your partner in the relationship, and there will be more committed and less likely to stray.

Watching porn along with your partner helps you try new sexual possibilities. Porn can increase sexual sensitivity in men and make them hornier than usual

The idea of pornography greatly differs among critics and fans. On the surface, porn is known for providing an immediate spark for excitement and novelty. At least at first. This is exactly what various studies on the “positive effects of porn” on relationships are measuring—initial, surface, self-reported “positives” for relationships. For instance, one recent study found that couples who watch porn together report being more “sexually satisfied” than those who don’t watch videos emphasizing, as we just mentioned, the excitement and novelty that seem to spark in a couple’s sex life