Dating – Is it a Commitment?

Dating is an age old social activity practiced in all Western societies in which two (or more) individuals meet socially in order to assess the other’s compatibility as a possible partner in a dating relationship in the future. Dating is also a means of evaluating one’s physical appearance, and exploring a persons personal preferences and tastes in regards to clothes, cosmetics, food, and friends and other activities. There are various sites on the World Wide Web that enable individuals to become free to date, and allow them to look for potential partners on the Internet. These dating sites enable singles to browse through profiles on the site, and select from a pool of available partners who meet their stated preferences and requirements.

Dating has been practiced from time immemorial, and dates have been arranged by parents and relatives to help forge friendships and relationships among young children. Dating can be a romantic activity that includes such activities as going for a walk in the park and talking with a stranger or a group of people, playing cards or other card games, having a cup of coffee or a chat with a friend, or going for a dinner date. Most often, the objective of dating is to meet that special someone whom one may be interested in marrying or finding a partner to share life with. For some, meeting that one special person who shares common interests, values, and hobbies with them, is the beginning of a lifelong romance.

While traditional dating usually involves one person checking the other out in some fashion, online dating allows two people to become free to browse through profiles on a website, and then choose to contact that other by speaking or emailing them before they have the opportunity to meet in person. While the intent behind this method of courtship is mostly for casual relationships, there are people who enjoy the more intimate forms of courtship, and seek the companionship of hanging out with another person in a more public setting. While this type of dating is more acceptable in some cultures than others, it still typically takes place in bars, clubs, or other public places. In some cases, hanging out with friends or acquaintances can also qualify as dating, however not everyone believes that hanging out with friends or acquaintances warrants romantic relationships.

Commitment is also another key component of a relationship with someone, and is often confused with love excluding or including ED and deeper issues of the romantic aspect of the partnership. Love is actually one of the most important components to a relationship, and is often misunderstood by many. Commitment, however, is when one person has made a firm commitment to another person in terms of being their partner for life. True commitment often takes place over the course of a long-term relationship with that person.

In a more serious relationship, the relationship may be a civil partnership, civil marriage, or even a common-law relationship. In most western cultures, the term “official” implies something official, while “common law” generally suggests the relationship is based upon a set of principles rather than a legal contract between two individuals. Even though the term “official” is used here, it should not be taken literally and should be used in conjunction with other terms or assumptions that may be applied. For example, the phrase “a civil partnership” does not mean that your relationship is officially recognized as one, but rather a civil status.

If you are in a casual relationship with someone, it is important to understand that not all relationships are built with a desire to become or remain committed to one person. If you are in a dating relationship, that simply means that you are not committed to anyone in particular, although this does not preclude you from getting involved with other people who are in romantic relationships. People get into dating for many different reasons, and relationships with complete strangers do occasionally evolve into serious ones. However, if you want to have a committed relationship, then dating can be a good option.