Dating Advice: Time To Quit The Bar Scene

For many people, dating is an important part of their lives. It’s a way to meet new friends and potential partners. However, dating can take on many forms. Some people prefer the bar scene while others would rather date through friends. Which method is better? Advice from The Darting Advice Guru suggests that meeting and dating people through friends is better than going to the bar scene.

The Bar Scene is a Bad Scene

The bar scene is a crap shoot. Although a little liquid courage can make it easier to have a conversation with a stranger, is this the first impression that you want to make? Realistically, at some point you will have to meet this person again without drinking alcohol first. After a few drinks your state-of-mind is altered but so is the guy you are talking. The conversation may have been fun and easy going but both of you were not yourself. This often leads to a let-down when you meet for the first time sober.

A few drinks can also lead you to do something that you will regret later. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can over-ride common sense. You may end up kissing someone, making out with them or even sleeping with them when at a bar where the goal is just to have a drink.

Dating Connections Similar Hobbies

Maybe the bar scene was fun in college but if having a few beers or going out to bars at night are the only thing you have in common, it does not bode well for a healthy relationship. Wouldn’t you rather meet someone at an art museum, the local dog park or even at yoga class? These are the hobbies that you would both enjoy and you will immediately have something to share.

Confidence Is Attractive

Meeting someone who has the confidence to approach you without drinking alcohol first is attractive. That means that they found you so intriguing that they were willing to put them self on the line, approach you and strike up a conversation. It is not as impressive if they needed a few drinks to build up the courage to approach you.

Common Connection

Dating friends of friends or co-workers means that you already have something in common. Right away you have something to discuss.

You are more likely to start dating when you have a friend that is already in your life. Look for signs that your male friends would like to ask you out. They can be subtly or obvious but don’t be afraid to try dating a friend. It’s easier and less stressful because there is already some form of familiarity there. You’re not starting all from scratch.

Support From Friends

Your friends will support you through the dating process. Everyone likes to be a perfect match maker and connecting friends together. Your friends will help both of you along in a relationship, can meet up on double dates or just the there for encouragement.

Friends Know You

Friends know your strengths and weaknesses better than strangers do and you can trust that the setup date was based on knowing your personality.  Chances are that you can start your dating off in a much better place that if you met a stranger at a bar. For many of us, dating is not the easiest process and being able to start in an environment where you’re comfortable makes it much easier.

No Strangers

There’s no need to worry about your safety when meeting people through friends as compared to meeting strangers at a bar or club. You can also be more honest about your intentions with people that are friends of friends as opposed to people who you met at the bar.

More Honest

This leads us to being more honest with friends too, which is a major plus when it comes to dating and meeting new people through them. You’re able to be yourself in your dating life without feeling like you might compromise or worry about what your friends will think of this new person that you are dating.

The Lazy Option

Lastly, dating and meeting people through friends is just the lazy person’s way of dating. It’s quick and easy without having to go out into a bar or club scene. You can spend hours and hours going through online profiles of just let your friends do the work for you.  Chances are that they will select a better guy for you anyway.

Dating can either be a huge hassle or it can be a really fun experience, depending on the people you meet and how much effort you put into it. Cutting out some of the stress, skipping the bar scene and taking advice from friends will save time and make dating more enjoyable for everyone involved.t dating advice