Benefits of Having Sex With Life Size Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are something we have all heard about, whether it was from a movie, porn, or your peers. The media has played a significant role in getting everyone familiar with these dolls. However, it has also created a stigma around them. Therefore, it is highly likely that when you think of sex dolls, you picture the cheap, blow-up kind. Well, that may have been the only kind of sex doll you could find in the 1990s, but things have changed since. Now, you can find realistic, life-size sex dolls that look like gorgeous women more than they resemble actual dolls.

You may be curious to know more about these realistic sex dolls and how it feels to be intimate with them. Therefore, below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about life-sized sex dolls to help you learn about them.

What are the Benefits of Having Sex with a Life-Size Sex Doll?

There are many reasons to have sex with life-size sex dolls, such as:

  • They look and feel just like real women: As mentioned above, life-size sex dolls mimic the look of real women. However, it’s not just their face that matches the look of a real woman. You see, a few websites sell child-sized sex dolls to cut down on the cost. Such dolls have awkward looks and are pretty much look like fleshlights on a doll. But if you don’t want the feeling of having sex with a child, you will want to invest in a life-size sex doll. Their faces, as well as body proportions, match those of a real woman. For instance, they usually have a height of 150 cm- 165 cm and a curvy or petite body with ample busts. In fact, it takes hours to make these sex dolls look so realistic that they also have detailed eyes that you can look into and feel like you are with the woman of your dreams. Thus, you can do just about anything you would with a real woman.
  • You get to live out your craziest fantasies: Have you ever wanted to try something kinky in bed or had a fetish that you felt too embarrassed to share with your partner? Well, if your answer to any of those questions is yes, then life-size sex dolls are the perfect solution for you! As they are inanimate with the sole purpose of fulfilling your sexual needs, a realistic sex doll will never turn you down when you are feeling horny and wish to try something new. No matter what kind of things you want to try in bed, your doll won’t judge you for your preferences. Rather, you can take a few tries and get comfortable with her before you get into trying out new things. Doing so might make you feel free to enjoy yourself without caring about what your sexual partner will think. Moreover, life-size sex dolls have the proportions of an adult, so it will be like trying out fun stuff with an extremely flexible woman!
  • You get to learn new positions in bed: If you ever feel unsure about your performance in bed and want to spice things up, you can try out some fun new positions. Although, let’s be honest, women aren’t easy to please, so if you want to try a new sex position with your partner, you’ll want to make sure you know what you are doing. Thus, you can first practice using a premium quality life-size sex doll, built using silicone, thus making them like human skin. As mentioned above, these dolls are super flexible, so you can perform new positions with them that wouldn’t be so easy for a real woman to do. Once you have had enough practice with your doll, you can then use these moves to enjoy with any future partners in bed. They also come in handy if you have a long-term partner who doesn’t enjoy the same positions as you in bed.
  • No strings attached: One of the best things about having sex with life-size sex dolls is that you get to feel like there is a real woman in your bed every day without having to commit to her. You see, these sex dolls have prominent physical features such as realistic boobs with natural areolas and nipples, gorgeous shiny hair, human feeling skin, and more. Thus, a premium sex doll with the proportions of real women lets you enjoy as much realistic sex as you want with zero commitment. Although you have to make sure that you purchase from a trustworthy seller like if you want a premium sex doll that actually has the quality you desire. Now you may be wondering that you can hookup for no strings attached sex. However, you can never be sure if the stranger you hook up with is free of any STDs or if they even keep track of their basic hygiene. Thus, it is much better to have sex with a life-size silicone sex doll that you clean by yourself and make sure to maintain.

These are just some of the numerous benefits of having sex with realistic, life-sized sex dolls. You will learn a lot more about unique ways to experiment with them as you spend more time together.

Where Can I Buy A Good Quality Life-Size Sex Doll?

As mentioned above, is a fantastic place to buy a life-size silicone sex doll. All their sex dolls can be customized and are made of high-quality silicone that adds to the skin’s texture. Moreover, you can choose whether to give your doll foldable hands or not. You can also choose whether your doll will be equipped with soft or form feet to help her stand.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the BBdoll website and change your sex life for the better when you purchase a realistic life-size sex doll.

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