New article, new experience that’s exactly what tantric massage Prague was for us. After experiencing the regular couples massage and the nuru massage, my wife Katka and I were slowly but surely rediscovering the sexual aspect of our relationship for the first time in years.

Being the architect of our sexual revival, I felt that once again it was the right time for experimentation.

I was terrified that our recently found erotic momentum could dissipate due to inactivity. That it could depart and we would fall back into the initial state where we’d been stuck, imprisoned in the dungeon of routine once-a-week sex.

High enough to scratch the floorboards of heaven

But now we had ascended to higher levels of that castle.

And couldn’t stop there, but sprout wings and soar until we reached a transformative sexual plane neither of us had ever touched. A plane, whose whispered existence has been barely detected in our dreams.

Now it was time to awaken the dreamer and discover the truth of that rumour. Nothing else would satisfy.

A summoning of the spirit

I believed that our lovemaking would need a stronger spiritual component. A powerful melding of souls instigated by the joining of our bodies. In some way, I wanted us to enjoy the experience of our souls making love. That meant that I would have to combine sex and the spirit.

For hundreds of years there had been many who had been trying to separate the two elements, but I somehow always knew they belonged together.

Tantra sex route

The only route that seemed worth exploring in this regard was that of tantra sex. And since massages had been going so well in our love lives that meant starting with tantric ones was exactly the next step to make. I learned about the purpose of a tantra massage which was not the attainment of the glorified orgasm, but a release of repressed sexual energy through stimulation of erogenous zones. To my surprise, I’ve found here, that not only a vagina and penis are among those zones.

To put it simply, it was an unlocking of physical powers through erotic and sensual activity or, as I like to explain that, an orgasm of the soul.

Orgasm of the soul

This was the primary target.

The pleasures of the body were secondary to this metaphysical achievement, which was much more challenging than a physical release or climax.

I realized that the body was the path toward this goal to reach the spiritual self through the physical self.

It was on this website, where I’ve started to study different techniques on how to accomplish this through certain tantric caresses and touches. But while doing so I would not be focused on pleasuring her flesh. In my mind I would be focused on unleashing Katka’s spirit.

I had to put my brain behind the procedure, letting her know intuitively that I was employing her body to penetrate the part of her that will still live following her physical death.


I prepared an evening alone with her and told her I had another surprise. Katka smiled eagerly, but I spoke to her in a solemn manner to let her know that what I had planned carried serious importance.

On the night of her tantra surprise I was very gentle with her to make sure she would enjoy the massage.

She closed her eyes, settling deep into the web of tantric caresses I had studied for her benefit. I stroked every part of her. Not one millimetre of her was denied a charge of the tantric voltage I’d been building up for days.

Melding of spirits

After some time I began to sense another presence in our room.

Along with the melting and falling away of our bodies, with the dissolution of those barriers that usually stop us from communing properly with the spirit world, the physical selves of my wife and me became distant while our souls coiled around one another fusing into a single super-soul that blinded our eyes but dazzled our minds with spiritual energies. It was the day our sexual life began anew and my goal was finally achieved.