Anal orgasm: how to reach it?

anal orgasmThe anal practice for antics can be surrounded by many apprehensions, even taboos. Yet this erogenous zone offers a wide range of sensations up to orgasm. Preliminaries and erogenous stimulations are more than recommended to reach the 7th heaven! Coralie Trinh Thi, author of “Dare Sodomy” gives us her intimate tracks for anal orgasm.

Sexuality is a zone of freedom where everyone can explore their sources of pleasure. Sodomy is one of them. For fun in complete safety under the sign of pleasure, it is better to know the anal area, very erogenous, and the steps to reach the orgasm. Ex actress porn, co-director of the film “Fuck me” Virginie Despentes, and author of many novels, Coralie Trin Thi entrusts us with his vision and his advice uninhibited advice.

The anal area is very erogenous

“In reality, it is an erogenous zone more complete than the others, and offers a wide range of sensations,” says Coralie Trinh Thi. The entire external and internal anal area is highly vascularized and innervated. Its “internal” nerve endings capture sensations of pressure and distension particularly sensitively, while external ones capture friction and changes in temperature.
This means that the anus is physiologically “very” able to provide orgasm by all types of stimulation: digital, oral or coital.

On the other hand, from a strictly physiological point of view, the anal and genital areas constitute a single anatomical group. Indeed, they have a common origin since fetal development and share the same nerve and vascular structures. “We could even go so far as to say that all orgasms are anal because these muscles contract fatally at time T, regardless of the source of pleasure sought,” says our expert. Suffice to say that this area seems to offer us a precious visa for the pleasure destination.

Anal sex: what preliminaries to raise the excitement?

The anus is a fundamental sexual organ, still unknown. It remains to tame it. It is important first of all to restore to this zone its erotic potential. Our novelist and specialist tell us some tracks to follow.

  • The rimming. It is the stimulation of the anus with the mouth and the tongue, also called rose leaf or ass licking. This is probably one of the most taboo acts that exist as it is the last place where one would imagine putting his lips. All games are possible, provided of course to respect certain security principles. Remember that you must avoid the transmission of germs to the vaginal area.
  • The massage. This is a good way to relax your partner. Coralie Trinh Thi is formal: “Gently massage her back, her loins, her buttocks, her neck are so attentive to put her in confidence”.
  • A finger of pleasure. The anus is a pansexual organ, which appreciates all ranges of stimulation. However, it is recommended not to go straight to the point! “Start by massaging, kissing your partner’s bottom or buttocks before sliding down the gluteal fossa,” insists our erotic expert. You can also linger on the perineum, without giving up the clitoris so far. A simple pressure at this point (located between the sex and the anus) can have a thundering effect. This is to heat the entire genital area and the pelvic floor is full of blood. Then, just, “Lubricate your fingers and stroke the anus, play, tap, massage in circles, from bottom to top” continues Coralie. In delicacy!

How to practice anal penetration?

assBefore attempting penetration, make sure that your partner is sufficiently dilated, lubricated and willing. You must have a contract of trust, so that sodomy happens in the best conditions. “Sir must be ready to withdraw at any moment!” warns Coralie. Interrupted intercourse is less traumatic than painful coitus. If you have to interrupt, give yourself some other pleasure, so as not to associate sodomy with failure.

Lubricate is the key! “Remember, there will never be too much,” says the former star of the X. Another detail, which is not one: it is a report that requires softness and progress. So, we avoid any sudden movement, the movement of penetration must be assured and continuous, which is not contradictory with breaks. “The sphincters must acclimate, once they are released, continue!” recommends the specialist. Finally, take as many breaks as you need and do not hesitate to talk. Enjoy these moments between the comings and goings, whether slow, sweet or frenzied, to stimulate the clitoris of your partner. The sensations will be increased tenfold for both partners.