14 Romantic Strategies for Both you and your Valentine

1. Love Notes-Leave numerous Love Notes for the love. Put the love notes around the pillow, mirror, as well as on the dash from the vehicle for the Like to see.

2. Love Text-Send romantically sexy texts during the day for the Love. Exactly what a surprise that might be.

3. Readers Love-Convey a chocolate chocolate or perhaps a chocolate roses within the newspaper, roll-up the newspaper, tie the newspaper having a red ribbon, seal having a red hug using red or pink lipstick, sprinkle with glitter for some extra glam.

4. Sexy Move in the Door-Put on a duster coat and sexy lingerie underneath plus a sexy set of footwear i.e. stilettos, classic pumps or knee-hi boots & leg high stockings. Fella’s put on an attractive set of boxers, briefs or thongs within gorgeous robe for the sweetheart.

5. Romantic Ambiance-Set a romantically elegant table with wine glasses, small vase with rose, sprinkle rose petals, light tea lights along with a scented candle lights, place white-colored dishes and silverware on the top of red/black place mats. Make sure to convey a photo of both of you for any special romantic touch.

6. Signature Drinks- Prepare “Hug around the Lips” cocktail drink for the love.

7. Recipes of affection-Make a romantic meal and dessert for both you and your love using heart-formed cookware. Prepare heart-formed ice using heart-formed ice trays.

8. Set the atmosphere-Play sensuous music. “Jazz CD for Enthusiasts” The CD plays for forty-five minutes. Make use of a dual CD player should you anticipate requiring music a bit longer of your time. Turn the lights lower low and allow the fun begin.

9. Show up heat-Light scented candle lights which contain pheromone and switch your companion on. The candle can burn to 60 hrs.

10. Couples Play-Have some fun playing romantic games together- i.e. “Hot Cocoa, Secret Romance, 52 Days of Romance, Let FussInch etc.

11. Bed room Love-Place red/black/white-colored linen around the bed. Sprinkle a trail of rose petals on the ground, pillow and/or bed and allow the fun begin.

12. Bathe in Romance-Have a steamy hot bath or shower along with scented bubble bath or love bubbles.

13. Enthusiasts Massage-Massage your companion with warming massage oil or massage lotion. Exactly what a treat.

14. Scrumptious Fun-Sprinkle scrumptious edible sizzling body chocolate, edible body powder, whipped cream, flavored edible lotions, and oils in your favorite parts of the body or on your body.